Pros and Cons of Background Video in Website

Pros and Cons of Background Video in Website

This is important to think of videos as backgrounds, not stories. Don’t try to explain what you do, simply set the stage. Limit the length of background videos to 15 or maximum 20 seconds at most, and then loop the video to start over. Make Professional videos, which look simple have a positive effect on your brand. Do not have sound auto-play. If you really want music or ambient noise (which is not recommend), allow users to turn it on themselves. Don’t over complicate. If you add video to your website, keep the rest simple. Video can be distracting, so confusing users further with non-intuitive navigation and other design elements can be overwhelming.


  • Video is engaging. We are naturally drawn to moving images. They pull us into the website and, hopefully, encourage us to explore more.
  • Videos can help convey your brand. In a split second, a video can set a mood or evoke a feeling, which is harder to do with a static image or via text.
  • Boosts SEO- If your video is cross-posted on several sharing platforms; it can boost the SEO value of your website. The more views your video rakes in, the more it helps increase your rankings on search engines, especially if your visitors find your video good enough to continue sharing it.


  • If your homepage doesn’t load quickly, visitors may get frustrated and go elsewhere. A well programmed website should load a video quickly and not make visitors wait while a “loading” wheel churns. However, if a user has a slow connection, they may find your video homepage slower to load.
  • Video backgrounds are inherently auto-playing — they play without the user clicking anything. But many mobile platforms (including iOS) and legacy browsers do not support auto-playing video. Thus, a backup option is required, such as a static image.
  • Videos can be distracting. It’s important to think of these as backgrounds, not documentaries. Lengthy or highly detailed videos will compound load speed issues.

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